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New Brunswick has often been in the literary vanguard. Julia Catherine Beckwith Hart wrote the first novel published in Canada by a native-born Canadian. Charles G.D. Roberts pioneered the animal story, and Antonine Maillet was the first non-European winner of France’s prestigious Prix Goncourt. Today, The Fiddlehead is Canada’s longest-living literary magazine.

Despite the province's rich literary history, however, resources for the study of New Brunswick literature are rare. No New Brunswick encyclopedia exists, nor was a university course solely on New Brunswick literature taught before 2008.

This site is intended to fill that gap. Its prominent feature is an
encyclopedia of biographical, critical, and bibliographic information about more than 150 New Brunswick writers and literary subjects. As well, the site provides resources for further study and teaching, and links to regional studies centres.

An initiative ofiDr. Tony Tremblay, Canada Research Chair in New Brunswick Studies, this site aims to be a useful research tool for students, scholars, and teachers interested in New Brunswick literature.

Though most of the authors featured on this site write primarily in English, we are expanding to include Acadian and Francophone authors.  Our intention is to introduce Acadian writers to English readers.





The opinions expressed on this site are solely those of its creators, many of whom are students. Every reasonable effort has been made to acquire copyright permission and acknowledge indebtedness. Errors and omissions brought to our attention will be corrected in future updates.