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The Centre has helped researchers develop their ideas and research agendas by providing opportunities to present at interdisciplinary conferences and symposia. In its four-year existence, the NBASRDC has hosted to two symposia and two conferences.

The Centre’s inaugural conference, “Town and Country: Exploring Urban and Rural Issues in New Brunswick,” occurred in June of 2007. This conference brought together academics and members of the community to critically discuss the past, present, and future of urban and rural New Brunswick, along with the socio-economic and cultural contours of the communities that constitute this province.

“Exploring the Dimensions of Self-Sufficiency for New Brunswick” was the second conference hosted by the Centre in May 2008. In response to the provincial government’s report Our Action Plan To Be Self-Sufficient in New Brunswick (2007), NBASRDC brought together various stakeholders from across the province to dissect the meaning of self-sufficiency and its implications for various aspects of New Brunswick society, including education, culture, natural resource management, and the economy. The primary goal of this interdisciplinary conference was to examine the impact of self-sufficiency upon New Brunswickers generally.

A selection of papers from both of these conferences is available below. It is our hope that, by making these papers accessible online, those who were not able to attend the conferences will benefit from the scholarship presented at these events.

Several of the working papers from the 2008 conference on self-sufficiency have been revised and expanded for inclusion in the NBASRDC’s forthcoming print collection, Exploring the Dimensions of Self-Sufficiency for New Brunswick, which will be published June 2009. Watch this website for more information on the release and availability of this book.

The NBASRDC wishes to thank the authors who volunteered their work, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for funding the Centre and its initiatives, and St. Thomas University and the staff at the UNB Electronic Text Centre for offering advice and providing technical support in the creation of this digital archive.

Accessing the E-Papers

In order to view these files, you may need to install Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free here.

To access an e-paper, simply click on the title of your choice. If the paper does not show up then return to this screen, right-click the mouse on any title and select 'Save Link As ...'.

Please read through the Copyright and Permission of Use notice below before accessing the files.

Copyright and Permission of Use

The works posted on this website are made available for the purpose of non-commercial research or private study. Authors and/or publishers of these works have granted the NBASRDC permission to store them and make them available for public distribution, but retain their copyright. Use of this site should be in compliance with current Canadian copyright legislation. The NBASRDC does not assume responsibility for any breach of copyright in distributing these papers.

Since the rules for use of published electronic documents are still unclear, we urge users to apply the same principles of fair use to the works on this website that they would to a published source. These works may be read online, downloaded for personal use, or the URL of a document in the repository may be included in another electronic document. The text itself may not be published commercially (in print or electronic form), edited, or otherwise altered without the permission of the copyright holder. As with printed materials, care should be taken when excerpting or referencing text to ensure that the views, opinions, and arguments of the author accurately reflect those contained in the original work. Any correspondence concerning this specific archive should be sent to

Exploring the Dimensions of Self-Sufficency for New Brunswick (2008) Conference Proceedings

Doran, Chris
"University Reform, Neo-Liberalism and Embodied Resistance: Some Lessons from Around the English-Speaking World"

Elder, Jo-Anne
“To Know Ourselves, To Grow Ourselves: Tending Sustainable Gardens of Artistic Production, Cultural Autonomy and Language Diversity in New Brunswick”

Hancock, Erin
“Sustaining Communities Through Co-Operation: How Co-Operatives and Community-Centred Development Can Help Achieve Self-Sufficiency”

Hodd, Thomas
“Creativity without Culture: Exposing the Mythical Fallacy in New Brunswick’s Quest for Self-Sufficiency”

Jenkins, Jane
"Clean Cows for Healthy Consumers: Tuberculin Testing of New Brunswick Dairy Herds (1915-1930)"

LeBlanc, Greg
"Beyond Self-Sufficiency, Toward Sustainable Development: A Study of The Natural Step for New Brunswick"

Marquis, Greg
“New Brunswick’s Population Growth Strategy in Historical Perspective”

McLaughlin, John and David Foord
“Research and Developed-Based Productivity Indicators”

Parenteau, Bill and Mark McLaughlin
"A 'Fundamental Cost that We Can't Deal With?' The Political Economy of the Pulp and Paper Industry in New Brunswick, 1960-present"

Tremblay, Tony
"Theorizing New Brunswick’s Self-Sufficiency from Historical and Cultural Perspectives in Order to Place Culture at the Heart of Renewal"

Turner, R. Stephen
"Potatoes Pathogens, International Trade, and Agricultural Science: The Challenges of Regulatory Self-Sufficiency"

Rose, Ellen
"The Road to Self-Sufficiency and the Path to Enlightenment: A Comparison of Growth and Development Policies in New Brunswick and Bhutan"

Town and Country (2007) Conference Proceedings

Elder, Jo-Anne
“Reading the Others: How New Brunswick Anglophones View Acadian and First Nations Cultures”

Holtmann, Cathy
"Resistance is Beautiful: The Growth of the Catholic Network for Women’s Equality in New Brunswick"*
* First published by Novalis as a chapter in Feminist Theology with A Canadian Accent: Canadian Perspectives on Contextual Feminist Theology, edited by Mary Ann Beavis with Elaine Guillemin and Barbara Pell. © Novalis 2008, ISBN 978-2-89640-007-6.

Jenkins, Jane
“Of Cows and Men: The Science and Politics of Milk Regulation and Pasteurization in Early Twentieth-Century New Brunswick”

Landry, Michelle
“Disparités Rurales-Urbaines: L’organisation du Territoire, Encore le Talon d’Achille du N.-B?"

Lewey, Laurel
"Child Welfare and Aboriginal Helping Systems in New Brunswick, 1945-1967"

McFarland, Joan
Vulnerable Jobs in the New Brunswick Call Centre Industry

van den Hoonaard, Deborah K. and Will C.
"The Poignant Accomplishments of Bahá’í Newcomers from Iran”