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Membership of NBASRDC

Members of NBASRDC will have an interest in the work of the NBASRDC and a willingness to prepare a short profile for posting on the website of NBASRDC.

There are four categories of membership in the NBASRDC:

  1. Faculty Research Associates - full or part-time faculty or staff of St. Thomas University
  2. Student Scholars - full or part-time undergraduate students of St. Thomas University or graduate students at other universities
  3. Honourary Research Associates - full or part time faculty members from universities other than St. Thomas University or community members with an interest in the work of the NBASRDC
  4. Distinguished Research Associates - scholars or community members who have distinguished themselves by their work on New Brunswick 

A term of membership is normally for two years, lapsing unless renewed, with the exception of Distinguished Research Associates who are appointed for life.

Individuals must submit a request for new or continuing membership by July 31 st every second year.  

Beginning in January 2007, Director/s of NBASRDC will be elected from Faculty Research Associates. The Director/s of NBASRDC will serve a three-year term.  


Name Department Email
Boudreau, Michael Criminology and Criminal Justice
Toner, Peter Anthropology
Tremblay, Tony English

Research Associates

Name Department Email
Clarke, Dawne Criminology and Criminal Justice
Clow, Michael Sociology
Coates, John Social Work
Donovan, Stewart English and Irish Studies
Elder, Jo-Anne Romance Languages
Fleming, Mike Criminology and Sociology
Francis, Cecilia Romance Languages
Gidney, Catherine History
Gupta, Dev Economics
Furlong, Dolores Nursing
Holtmann, Cathy Religious Studies
Jenkins, Jane Science and Technology Studies
Korotkov, Dave Psychology
Lee, Philip Journalism
Lewey, Laurel Social Work
MacDonald, Gayle Sociology
Machum, Susan Sociology
McCormick, Chris Criminology and Criminal Justice
McFarland, Joan Economics and Gender Studies
Molchanov, Mikhail Political Science
Pidwysocky, Stephen Criminology and Criminal Justice
Randall, Bill Gerontology
Reimer, Marilee Sociology/Women's Studies & Gender Studies
Sauvageau, Jean Criminology and Criminal Justice
Savarese, Josephine Criminology and Criminal Justice
Secord, Andrew Economics
Toner, Peter Anthropology
Tremblay, Tony English
Turner, Linda Social Work
Van Den Hoonaard, Deborah Gerontology
Williams, Ray Education
Wood, Shaunda Education

Student Scholars

Name Email
Carter, Matthew
Forshner, Alison

Honourary Research Associates

Name Email
Furlong, Dolores
Taylor, Laura

Distinguished Research Associates

Name Position/Title
Chiasson, Herménégilde Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick