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narrative works:
Issues, Investigations & Interventions

Past Issue

Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2011

Editors' Introduction
William L. Randall & A. Elizabeth McKim

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Invited Articles

Looking Forward, Looking Back: Future Challenges for Narrative Research
Molly Andrews, Corinne Squire, Maria Tamboukou, Cigdem Esin,
Jens Brockmeier, Michael Erben, Mark Freeman, Margareta Hydén,
Margaretta Jolly, Olivia Sagan, Alexandra Georgakopoulou,
Matti Hyvärinen, & Michael Rustin

“Bet you think this song is about you”: Whose Narrative Is It in Narrative Research?
Ruthellen Josselson


Pema’s Tale: Intercultural Communication as Storytelling
Ellen Rose

Providing Visions of a Different Life: Self-Study Narrative Inquiry as an
Instrument for Seeing Ourselves in Previously Unimagined Places

Carmen Shields, Nancy Novak, Brenda Marshall,  & John J. Guiney Yallop

Restorying “Caring” in Education: Students’ Narratives of Caring for and about
Corinne McKamey

Outside the Box

Hidden Stories, Toxic Stories, Healing Stories:
The Power of Narrative in Peace and Reconciliation

Stephan Marks


St. Thomas University Welcomes Clive Baldwin,
Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies
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ISSN: 1925-0622