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narrative works:
Issues, Investigations & Interventions

Past Issue

Volume 5, Issue 2 (Fall 2015)


Aging, Spirituality, and Narrative: Loss and Repair
Clive Baldwin, Brian Carty, Jennifer Estey

The Politics of Narrating Everyday Encounters: Negotiating Identity and Belonging Among Berlin’s German-Born Turkish Ausländer
Gül Çaliskan

The Psychological Challenges of Identity Reconstruction Following an Acquired Brain Injury
Chalotte Glintborg, Lærke Krogh

Becoming … in the Midst/Wide-Awake/In-Between: An In-Process Narrative Inquiry
Kelly W. Guyotte

Outside the Box (Invited Lectures)

The Limits, Dangers, and Absolute Indispensability of Stories
Arthur W. Frank

How to Counter a Counterstory (and Keep Those People in Their Place)
Hilde Lindemann

Book Reviews (Invited)

Amia Lieblich, Narratives of Positive Aging: Seaside Stories
W. Andrew Achenbaum                          HTML PDF

J.M. Coetzee & Arabella Kurtz. The Good Story: Exchanges on Truth, Fiction and Psychotherapy
Arthur W. Frank                                    HTML PDF

How Doctors Make Stories Matter. Review of Atul Gawande, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End & Terrence Holt, Internal Medicine
Arthur W. Frank                                    HTML PDF

Molly Andrews. Narrative Imagination and Everyday Life
William L. Randall                                 HTML PDF



ISSN: 1925-0622